Hiring in-home care can be invaluable. A little extra support can extend sense of independence

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If you are a working couple with an elderly parent living in your home, you may be wondering ‘should we hire an in-home caregiver?’

The benefits of having a caregiver come to your house on a regular basis are invaluable. At some point, most aging adults are unable to drive safely. Appointments and errands need to be done during daytime hours. While you are away at work, it can be a very long day for your loved one. Loneliness and depression can set in.

A professional caregiver can provide safe transportation for errands, meetings, doctor’s appointments and social events. Assistance of this nature expand a senior’s world outside the home and help them remain active. A trained caregiver will keep an eye on your loved one and monitor changes in their condition such as medication mismanagement and forgetting to turn off the stove. These caregivers are specifically trained to read subtle clues and quickly respond to them.

In-home care provides the one-on-one personalized care that a sole caregiver is not able to offer full time, giving you priceless peace of mind and will be a valuable addition to your loved one’s care team.

If you are a senior still living in your own home consider this option also, whether your family lives 10 minutes away or across the country. It’s all about self-care.

Seniors do recognize the red flags going up, but many choose to ignore them, thinking they’re just having a bad day. If you’re experiencing confusion when performing a once-familiar task, losing track of time, are having more difficulty getting up from a seated position or notice significant weight loss, it’s time to get some help.

A little extra support can be all that is needed to extend your sense of independence. This will go a long way toward improving your outlook on life and boosting self-confidence. Of course, it’s comforting to be living in our familiar surroundings. With the right type of home care, it will help you stay in your home longer.

This will not only make your life easier, but it also has the benefits of friendship. A personal caregiver can provide precious social interaction. This could be something as simple as talking over a cup of coffee to cooking or gardening together.

Own your health and take charge of your personal well-being. Your life will be brighter and safer, so take advantage of this increasingly popular method of care. Begin exploring home care companies in your area.

Karla Reinhard lives in Qualicum Beach, where she explores seniors’ issues and personalities in the area. For story tips or questions, she can be reached at


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